Why Live in Fort Collins, CO?

My family has some friends who moved out to Fort Collins, CO from southern California a couple of years ago.  If we were to break down the list of reasons why they moved to Fort Collins, CO it would look something like this:

1.  Cost of Living: The median price for a single family residence in Orange County, CA was over $400,000.  The median price from home in Fort Collins two years ago was appoximately $230,000.  Furthermore, property taxes in Orange County, CA were 1.1% vs. less than 1.0% in Fort Collins and sales tax in Orange County, CA was in excess of 9.0%.  Gas prices in southern California were over $4.00/gallon and the traffic easily added 15-30 minutes to a commute less than 10 miles away.

2.  Education:  Public schools in southern California were suffering due to the student-teacher ratio and the budget crisis.  Several of our mutual friends were teachers who claimed that classrooms were crowded and students were not given enough personal attention, which resulted in lower test scores.  One alternative was to send children to private schools, and annual tuition costs could easily exceed $3000.00 per year.

3.  Recreation:  Orange County, CA is so developed that parks and natural recreation areas are scarce.  This resulted in residents having to drive several miles to reach parks, national forests, and open space suitable for outdoor activity.  Fort Collins, CO offers miles of bike trials, natural space and parks maintained by the City of Fort Collins, and easy access to free hiking trails within city limits.

4.  Community:  The lifestyle in southern California is one in which everyone is competing with each other to see who ultimately has more money, drives the most expensive car, and lives in the biggest house.  Cities in Orange County, CA all merge into one large concrete structure of buildings, homes, shopping malls, and industrial-commerical businesses.  The sense of community found in Fort Colllins, CO is much more connected with real people who care about their friends and neighbors.

5.  Opportunity:  Fort Collins and Northern Colorado offered tremendous opportunity to start-up and maintain a business in nearly every industry.  Gaining popularity as one of the best places to live in the United States, Fort Collins offered steady employment and a thriving economy to sustain growth over the next decade. 

There are several other reasons that motivated our friends to leave the busy and superficial lifestyle of southern California and pursue a more meaningful and rewarding life in Colorado. 

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