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Horsetooth Rock, Fort Collins, CO

On Sunday afternoon I decided to take a hike up to Horsetooth Rock.  It's a hike I have done many times, but this time I decided to change up the normal route to the north side of the rock and scale the south side instead. 

At the base of the rock I met a guy named Eric Webster, who I later realized is an experienced hiker and student at Colorado State University.  He invited me to follow him up the south side of the rock and I was amazed that his dog was also able to scale the steep walls up to the top.  Like so many Fort Collins residents, Eric was not a native and relocated to Fort Collins from Washington DC.  As I explained how I relocated to Colorado from southern California, Eric admitted that so many Colorado natives do not realize how lucky they are to have the mountains and outdoor recreation so accessible.  So true.

Horsetooth Rock has an elevation of just over 7200 feet and offers scenic views of Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins and the plains to the east, and Long's Peak and the mountains to the west.  Whether you current live in Fort Collins or plan to visit in the future, make Horsetooth Mountain Park one of your hiking destinations.

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