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Longs Peak Hike by Ryan Levander

Every morning I wake up in Fort Collins and head on out for my run, bike ride, or else just on my way to work. And I see it – Longs Peak. Its always the peak I look to because its the biggest, badest, and most beautiful mountain in the front range of Colorado. It towers above all other mountain peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park at 14,256 feet. And every morning I look at it and it laughs right back at me. Well, not anymore…

…On Tuesday of this week I made the venture up to Longs Peak in one of, if not the best National Park in the World. Rocky Mountain National Park is less than an hour away from Fort Collins, Colorado. Every second of the drive is worth the stunning views you will get from this hike which starts at 9,393 feet! (Remember to bring both lungs to this one…)

3 miles of steady uphill hiking you will reach the end of the treeline and will be out in teh Colorado sun until you reach this again on your way back! 

Last look before leaving the treeline (around 11,000 feet here)

Soon after leaving the treeline you will reach the BoulderField, which will definitely slow your pace down, depending on how nimble you are! 

A look at Longs near the BoulderField

So the moment you supass the boulders and reach the iconic "Keyhole" the hike will immediately get much slower and soon turn into a climb. This is where Longs Peak seperates itself from so many other 14ers in the state of Colorado (54 of them, check out for information on all of them). 

The "Trough" was by far the hardest part of the hike/climb

The technicality wasn't done there – the "Narrows" was just that. Very scary area to where you had to watch each footstep, or it could be your last…

Narrows section

Through all the challenges, the views were clearly worth it in the end. I mean, does it get much better than this?

Longs Peak Trail Markers

Hiking a mountain this tall and iconic is an amazing accomplishment for anyone. And this is totally do-able most summers from mid July until mid September. Since we had an usually warm winter hikers have been summiting Longs in early June without any snow atop the peak! 

All in all it was one of if not my most favorite hike I've done in my life to date. It certainly won't be the only time, even this summer that I do it! 

Now when I look at Longs Peak it no longer laughs at me…:)

For a more in-depth story on my Longs Peak experience check out my other blog:

CSU Student Housing and Real Estate

Fort Collins, CO is home to Colorado State University and the nearly 30,000 students who attend the school.  As student enrollment continues to increase the need for affordable student housing is in high demand.

The Coloradoan published an article ("Student Housing: The Pause Is the Battle") today that emphasizes the need for student housing and the economic impact an estimated 10,000 additional students will bring to the Fort Collins community.  Developers are working on hundreds of apartment units to increase the housing supply, but planning and building is a long process.

The real estate market has transitioned to a seller's market in just the past few months with homes listed under $250,000 receiving multiple offers and going under contract quickly, sometimes the same day the home is listed.  Part of this phenomena is due to the limited inventory at this price point and the strong rental market that make Fort Collins homes under $250,000 desirable investment properties.

The average list price of duplexes and fourplexes in Fort Collins has increased as well.  While location, size, condition, and rent contribute to the value of these properties, the list price per unit on duplexes in Fort Collins is trending up from $105,000-$115,000 per unit to $120,000-$130,000 per unit.  As housing inventory remains low the rental market will remain strong and drive property values even higher.

Source: Coloradoan, IRES

Contact Richard Jensen for more information about the real estate market in Fort Collins, CO.

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High Park Fire Fundraiser by Ryan Levander

Often times the backbone of a community is tested when the chips are down, through a disaster or trying times when the citizens need to really show what "community" is all about. Fort Collins got a great test of community the past month and half with the High Park fire that set ablaze to 87,284 acres, killing one person and destroying 259 homes in the process. (Take a moment for those stats to set in…)

Now rewind to last week Monday with community activist and bike enthusianst (then again, who isn't in Fort Collins) Ronny Bush. Ronny put on one of the better bike races of the year so far, and with the event raised over $5,000 for the firefighter's of the High Park Fire! Talk about knowing what is one of the more passionate activities for Fort Collins residents, and then the residents totally exceeding expectations! 

Bush Residence and Racers:

Your Group Ride President, Dan Porter, was on hand racing as well. He was a huge help (as usual) in getting the word out there through his Fort Collins community based website: – the everything bicycle related site for Fort Collins. (Yeah, it takes a full time job from one guy to keep up with all of the two-wheeled enthusiasm going on around here. And honestly, I don't even know how he does it all. Secretly I think he cloned himself years ago and there's two of him (or maybe more) because he's good, real good.)

Golden Fields of riders:

This was just one aspect of how the Fort Collins community has really stepped up in the clutch and delivered when it matters the most. I could sit here and fill up the page with tons of more fundraised efforts from restaurant's, bike shops, local concerts, grocery stores, etc. that really went out of their way to raise a significant amount of money, but we'd be here all night…

Special thanks to Ronny Bush for an incredible event:

The High Park Fire is now 100% contained. Highway 14 up to the Poudre Canyon is now open again. And some residents are being allowed back into the area. The fire sure seems to be out of sight, but defintely not out of mind for the residents of Fort Collins. It sure is nice to know we have community support they way we do. Makes me proud to live where I do, to know that community isn't just a word here in Fort Collins, it's actually happening on a daly basis…


High Park Fire Stats:


Aggie Theater Show by Ryan Levander

Sometimes the overwhelming culture of bikes, breweries, and outdoor life overshadows some of the other great happenenings in and around Fort Collins. For example, The Aggie Theater is the largest music venue in Fort Collins that features concerts on a regular basis. Located on downtown Fort Collins’ College Avenue, the venue’s occupancy is 1,000 people. 

Pro Trials Rider Robbie Pfunder outside of The Aggie:

Pro Trials rider Robbie Pfunder outside of The Aggie.

Rewind to last Thursday night when singer/songwriter "Tycho" (Scott Hansen) and his band made The Aggie a priority on their US Tour, for a second time. In between one of the San Francisco based artists' electronic/indie style of songs he quoted, "We loved Fort Collins so much the first time, we just couldn't get over y'all – we had to come play here again!"

Tycho Performs for second time at Aggie Theater:

Tycho didn't travel alone – Two man group from Portland "Onuinu" opened up and really got the crowd going before Tycho came on. It was evident the Aggie was close to full capacity due to the crowd's enthusiasm/noise and positive feedback from the artists who were clearly having just as good a time as the fans were!

Here's a comical Twitter quote minutes after Onuinu finished performing:

Onuinu interacting with some front row fans:

One of the great things about The Aggie is the affordability and frequency of the concerts. You don't have to pick which ones you go to due to high ticket prices (like Red Rocks, Pepsi Center, etc) and you have a lot of options because there can be as many as 4-5 a week in the summertime! To check out their calendar of shows click  HERE

I'll leave you with a brief video of Tycho in action from Thursday night. The video does justice to Tycho's great electronica/indie chill style of music. But doesn't do any justice to how packed the Aggie actually was! Check back for more posts here later on about different Fort Collins music venues, local artists, and all musical related festivals/events in the near future. 

Tycho at "The Aggie"