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Tis the Season! by Ryan Levander

Well it's been a little bit since my last blog post, but that's only because there has been A LOT going on! I'll promise to be better about keeping you up to date with all of the Holiday greatness going on in and around the Fort Collins area. Give me a few deeps breaths, ok – here goes…

…It all started with the Old Towne lights going up a couple weeks ago and boom! Everyone just seemed to get a lot more friendly around town (didn't think more cheer was possible). The lights in Old Towne just gives it so much class and sophistication. I often find myself looking for excuses to go downtown simply to just be around the lights, people, and general Holiday cheer. It's so great. 

Santa arrived in Old Towne Square last week and that really lifted the kids spirits (and mine) after last year's warm winter. But Santa reassured them and also told them the skating rink will be open very soon, too. 

So in an effort to find ways to be in Old Towne more often :), I will be starting a 21 days of Christmas in Old Towne photography quest. It will start on Monday December 3rd and you can view them all on our Facebook Page as well as the Photography Section under the "Community" tab. 

That's all for now, time for some family photo shoots! 🙂 

October 2012 Northern Colorado Real Estate Market Statistics by Richard Jensen

When compared to the real estate market in 2011, the inventory for Loveland, CO single family detached homes has dropped 20% and inventory for Loveland, CO single family attached homes has dropped by 40%.  With the MSI at just 3.5 months for townhomes and condos in Loveland, investors and homeowners with Loveland real estate may expect to see prices continue to rise as home buyers continue to experience a scarce selection of townhomes and condos, especially at price points under $150,000. 

The inventory of single family homes in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley is stabilizing with an MSI near 6.0 months – a good indicator of a stable market as the Northern Colorado real estate market enters the fall and winter seasons.  


If you are a home owner considering selling your home in Fort Collins, Loveland, or Greeley please contact local Realtor® Richard Jensen for a free no-obligation consulation about selling your home.

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Did You Vote? by Ryan Levander

We had a pretty substancial election in Colorado finishing up Tuesday night with word on our next President and some new measures being passed. Of course we all heard that Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States, and I'm sure we also heard that anyone over 21 can legally posses up to 1 ounce of Marijuana. Well, soon it will be legal.

In response to the measure being passed Governor Hickenlooper said, "My sense is that it is unlikely the federal government is going to allow states one by one to unilaterally decriminalize marijuana," the governor said, adding, though, "You can't argue with the will of the voters."

Colorado and Washington State were the two states to legalize the substance, Colorado being the first. 

Regardless of who or what you voted for, I hope you got out and voiced your opinion!