Happy Valentine’s Day from Richard Jensen with Coldwell Banker

Valentine's Day.  Another important tradition or a Hallmark holiday?  Either way you look at it the romantic spirit in all of us makes us do amazing things.  We splurge on dinners and flowers, we write sappy messages and love notes to each other, and we all picture ourselves living the scenes of our favorite romantic movies. 

My wife (Erin) reminded me this morning that Valentine's Day should be a celebration in our house.  After all, it was 9 years ago that we both went to a "single's only" Valentine's party with some mutual friends.  We met that night for the first time and Erin continued to throw those candy hearts at me, making sure I noticed that they said "call me."  And here we are, nine years later, married for five years, living in Fort Collins, CO with our two children.

So however you choose to celebrate your Valentine's Day, make it your own.  Whether you stay home and watch romantic movies or go out to your favorite restaurant, let your day be filled with love and unexpected surprises!

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