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Bike to Work Day with Dream Team Pedicabs

Dream Team Pedicabs 

While thousands of Fort Collins residents rode to work today for the 26th annual bike-to-work day, the owners of Dream Team Pedicabs bike to work all year long.  That’s because Dream Team Pedicabs serves the Old Town campus by offering pedicab rides every weekend and anytime by appointment.  Local owners Nick Whitworth and Abe Rodarmel  just celebrated two years in business as they gear up for their third summer riding in Old Town Fort Collins.  Here’s what Nick Whitworth had to say:

NoCo Lifestyle:  How long have you been in business?
Nick:  This past Colorado Brewers Festival marked our two-year anniversary.  This will be our third summer in business.
NoCo Lifestyle:  How often does your team work?
Nick:  Our crew works every weekend and year round by appointment.
NoCo Lifestyle:  So who typically books a reservation for a pedicab?
Nick:  Tons of people.  We offer brewery tours, rides for weddings, and private events.  And date nights are really popular as well.
NoCo Lifestyle:  What do you typically charge for a ride?
Nick:  It depends on the event.  If you see us around Old Town on the weekend we usually offer free rides, but tips are encouraged for our drivers.
NoCo Lifestyle:  Can you tell us about one of your favorite pedicab passengers?
Nick:  Definitely.  One time I picked up a guy and his buddy in Old Town and one of them was carrying a saxophone.  They just wanted to cruise, so we rode up and down College Avenue and lapped Old Town Square a few times.  The guy just played his saxophone for about half an hour as we cruised around town, and people were cheering him on as we passed by.  It was killer.
NoCo Lifestyle:  And what about one of your worst passengers?
Nick:  One time I’m riding up College Avenue and this guy runs from the sidewalk into the street to try to jump in the carriage.  He hit his shin on the pedicab and cut it open and started to bleed all over the carriage and footrest.  I drove him up a couple blocks and let him off.
NoCo Lifestyle:  We guess running in the street and trying to jump on isn’t the way to go.  So what’s the best way to reserve a pedicab?
Nick:  Just give us a call at (970) 797-2515.

So the next time you’re walking around Old Town Square and need a pick-me-up, be on the look-out for Dream Team Pedicabs.  And if you really want to add some adventure to your next night out on the town, make sure to book your reservation today by calling (970) 797-2515!


Anberlin Interview

“Chocolate donuts, hands down.” replies Anberlin’s drummer, Nathan Young. If someone was to throw something while on stage, Nathan would prefer it to be just that, a chocolate donut. I can’t say I would blame him, either.

Besides donuts, Nathan and I brushed on a few other topics this afternoon on a phone interview I conducted with him, here is the rest…


NoCo Lifestyle: Vital, the latest album you guys released has a different feel to it. Some might say “youthful” or “energetic”, was there a reason to head in a different direction?

Nathan: I think it’s important as an artist to not be “one dimensional” and give the listeners the same sound with different lyrics. If you can combine new lyrics AND a different sound, without losing your musical passion as a group, then well, that’s the diversity we’re after.

NoCo Lifestyle: You guys have been together for 11 years, and created quite a few albums (6 to date), can you say that you’ve had a favorite one that you all have made?

Nathan: I think if I said a certain album it wouldn’t be fair, because all of our albums are so unique individually. Also, when we create an album, we focus so much on pouring everything we have into every song. So, to answer your question, we can honestly say that our latest albums are the ones we are most proud of. That doesn’t have to be the answer for every artist; but it feels good to be able to answer your question that way.

NoCo Lifestyle: There isn’t a shortage of countries you guys have played in, do you have a favorite?

Nathan: Australia. We’ve been there quite a few times; have a great fan base and following there. We’ve always have a lot of fun playing there. We’ll be going back this fall again; we’re excited.

NoCo Lifestyle: Your schedule says Colorado Springs tomorrow night (Wednesday) and Fort Collins on Thursday. Have you guys played in Colorado before? Ever play at Red Rocks?

Nathan: We have been to Colorado before, played in Denver a few times and have loved it. Never played at Red Rocks, though. Maybe someday…

NoCo Lifestyle: Never played at Red Rocks, really?! I thought you guys were like, popular…

Nathan: We are popular, really popular. We just haven’t played at Red Rocks yet… (for the record, this wasn’t an exact quote)

NoCo Lifestyle: Besides pouding on a drum canvas, what else do you like to do? (Personally)

Nathan: I’m into photography…(interrupted abruptly)

NoCo Lifestyle: Oh yeah?! What type of photography?

Nathan: I like a few different types, but primarily like to shoot with a Pentax, and the more old school route, 35mm, black room and all…

NoCo Lifestyle: I like it! I have respect for people who shoot with that still in this day and age, when digital photography can be so easy to alter, delete, or edit images. Ok, sorry to interrupt, any other hobbies?

Nathan: I’m also into coffee, as in, roasting my own. Thoughts of possibly opening a shop someday wouldn’t be unrealistic. I also like to ride bikes.

NoCo Lifestyle: So you like photography, coffee, and bikes. I can only assume you ride a fixed gear bike. 🙂

Nathan: haha! I don’t, but I appreciate fixed gear bikes. I think you are more “in-tune and apart” of the bike when you are dappling on one around the city. I used to do a bit of Alley Cat racing back in the day. That was fun!

NoCo Lifesyle: Dude, you’re going to love Fort Collins…

IMG_0504 - Version 2

I then proceeded to tell Nathan a little about how much bikes are apart of our community, and that Fort Collins was recently named “Platinum Bicycle Friendly Community” by the league of American Bicyclists. I also told him about our Bicycle Library and he, like almost everyone I tell that too, thought that was very unique and cool.

I was conducting this interview from inside one of my favorite coffee shops in Old Town Fort Collins, the Bean Cycle Coffee Shop. Before Nathan and I ended our conversation I told him he should get in touch with me if he gets into town early enough before the show. If he likes bikes and coffee, then he would definitely love a brew from the Bean Cycle. It is also just a short walk down from where Anberlin is playing on Thursday night, The Aggie Theater. Show starts at 8pm as Anberlin will be joined by Stars in Stereo and Campfire Ok. Check back here for photos from the event, as NoCo Lifestyle will have photo credentials.

Thanks for the time, Nathan. Maybe see you before the show on Thursday!






Photos from Colorado Brewers’ Festival 2013

IMG_7401 dimensions

Fort Collins kicked off summer yesterday with the start of the annual Colorado Brewers’ Festival near Old Town.  Here are some of our favorites photos from the event!

Foodie Walk

The Fort Collins Foodie Walk is a self-guided Old Town foodie tour of culinary shops featuring new and exciting taste experiences the 3rd Friday of every month. Participating retail foodie shops are The Cupboard, Happy Lucky’s Teahouse, Kilwins Chocolate & Ice Cream, Old Town Spice Shop, Rocky Mountain Olive Oil Company, Savory Spice Shop, The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop and Crescendo.

It’s FREE and Everyone is Welcome! This will be happening every 3rd Friday of the month from 5pm-8pm.


Father’s Day 5k

What we had going on yesterday in Old Town was 1. Father’s Day 2. Another incredibly beautiful Northern Colorado day.

We snapped a couple photos along the way…

Have you heard of "pocket listings" in Fort Collins?

Home in Ridgewood Hills subdivision in Fort Collins, CO.

Home in Ridgewood Hills subdivision in Fort Collins, CO.

In your Fort Collins home search you are likely to hear the term “pocket listings” from your Realtor®.  So what exactly is a pocket listing?

In short, a pocket listing is a home or property that a real estate agent will be listing for sale in the near future but that has not been advertised in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  Real estate brokers are often able to network within their brokerage to pitch upcoming listings to other agents.  When housing inventory is low (as it has been in Fort Collins, CO for the last 12 months) it is important that you establish a relationship with a trustworthy Realtor® who can expose you to pocket listings.

Over 90% of home buyers search for real estate online.  Sure, retail websites like Trulia and Zillow make it very easy and convenient for online users to search for homes, preview pictures, and learn more about schools and neighborhoods.  But are you really seeing all of the homes for sale?

If you are only relying on your websites for listing updates then you are likely missing out on homes for sale that don’t even hit the market.  Large real estate brokerages like Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage with over 100 agents in Northern Colorado and over 16 real estate offices throughout Colorado are able to sell homes quickly (and often internally) because of the massive networking and advertising exposure listing agents can provide.  Think about it.  A home on the Internet is not going to sell itself.  Serious home buyers know this, which is why they choose to have a real estate agent on their side.

If you are still waiting for the right home to appear online it may be time to meet with a real estate agent to discuss your property criteria, build a relationship, and let your Realtor® help you gain some exposure to pocket listings.

For more information about the real estate market in Fort Collins, CO please give me a call or send me an email


Kidz Zone at the Taste of Fort Collins

The annual festival known as the Taste of Fort Collins was held this past weekend (June 7, 2013 – June 9, 2013) at the intersection of Laporte Avenue and Howes Street near Old Town Fort Collins.  Sponsored by First National Bank, the Taste of Fort Collins showcases food and drinks from local restaurants and breweries.  A celebration of cuisine and music, this popular event also includes a full stage and live music nearly every hour from both local and national bands.  This year’s headliners included Matt Nathanson on Saturday evening (June 8, 2013) and AWOLNATION on Sunday afternoon (June 9, 2013).

As if the delicious food and tasty beverages were not enough to attract massive crowds, the Kidz Zone on the north end of Howes Street was a sure hit among families and children.  I have been a regular at the Taste of Fort Collins for the past several years but this was the first time I took my kids for an afternoon of fun…and they loved it!  My son (4 years old) and my daughter (2 years old) had a blast in the Bounce House and Dual Lane Slide.  Both kids also climbed their way through the bouncy Obstacle Course, but by far my son was most excited about the Quad Bungee Trampoline.

At first he was a bit reserved about putting on the safety harness.  He was both excited about doing something new but cautious about not having his Mom and Dad right next to him.  After a few small jumps to get the hang of it, he was ready to jump over 15 feet in the air…and that’s exactly what he did.  He was a bit scared on some of his intial descents, but after he got used to the feeling of falling toward the ground he was all laughs and giggles.  What an awesome experience for a four year old!  His little sister felt a bit left out, but hey, she’s only two.

For more information about the 2013 Taste of Fort Collins you can visit the official website here.

Here are some pictures from the Kidz Zone, and you can see more pictures from the Taste of Fort Collins at NoCo Lifestyle or our Facebook page.

Richard Jensen with Kids

Richard Jensen with Kids

Bungee Trampoline

Bungee Trampoline

Bungee Trampoline

Photo of the Day

We  are soon going to be launching our “Photo of the Day” concept. It will be pretty simple, starting on the first day of summer (June 21st) we will be doing a photo of the day for the rest of the year!

More on this later, for now, enjoy one we snapped in Old Town of art at it’s finest!