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SHEL Interview / Taste of Fort Collins

Last night, home-grown musical group, SHEL, kicked off the pre-Taste of Fort Collins party with a fantastic show at Hodi’s Half Note. Even if one hadn’t seen these talented sisters perform before, you could tell they were enthusiastic to be back performing in front of their home crowd in Fort Collins, Colorado.


SHEL (which forms the names of it’s members: Sarah, Hannah, Eva, Liza) just recently got back from a European Tour. It was everyone’s first time in Europe, so it was definitely an eye-opening experience as well as a stepping-stone for the band. Their favorite location they played at? Belfast, Northern Ireland. Apparently, SHEL has a fairly large base following them in that area. There were even some fans who drove hundreds of miles to see them perform.

Lead singer, Eva, told me it was pretty incredible to hear fans were traveling great distances to see them in areas where they have never played even close to before. But in the end, no matter where you are playing at, if you are putting out good sounds, people will be coming to watch. That appears to be the case and what the future looks like for SHEL.


Growing up in a home-schooled environment, father a songwriter and mother an artist, it appeared SHEL was destined for musical and artistic success all along. And really, that’s the direction they are heading in. With record label signings, tours, album releases, etc. this is what SHEL has set out to do, share their musical talents with not just their faithful supporters of Fort Collins, CO; but the rest of the world!

This evening, Taste of Fort Collins kicks off at 6:30 and will run through Sunday night. SHEL is excited to be performing at 2:30 on Sunday, right before nationally renowned group and evening headliner, AWOLNATION. (For more information on Taste of Fort Collins, click here. 

Just after I got off the phone with Eva, I thought of a question I had lined up to ask her (story of my life). I had to ask about their top hats; which are worn at every show they do; and they even have a tab on their website for ’em: Top Hats

According to Eva/SHEL, “The top hats represent a crown for those willing to pioneer their imagination. You know, the crazy youthful dreamers watching the stars from above instead of on their feet from below.” replied Eva. And there is even a book in the process. Yes, a book, about the top hats…:)

Here are a few more photos from their show last night:



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