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Winter Day Trip to Rocky Mountain National Park


RMNPPhoto taken with a GoPro Hero3 on February 27, 2014.  It was a quiet day up at Rocky Mountain National Park.  Plenty of elk, plenty of clouds, and the perfect place to escape my day-to-day real estate world.  If you haven’t taken a drive through the park this year (2014), do yourself a favor and make the trip now.  The ranger at the park entrance said that there haven’t been many visitors this winter, especially during the weekdays.  So if you have a few hours to rejuvenate and breathe some fresh Colorado air, it’s the perfect time for a quick getaway.

Here is a quick video of a herd of elk near the south entrance to the park:




Hire a Real Estate Agent or Sell Yourself in a Seller’s Market?


Winterstone Under ContractIt’s no secret that the Fort Collins real estate market is a seller’s market.  Inventory of Fort Collins single family homes is still down and the average sales price is hovering around $300,000 (Source: FCBR Housing Report).  Homes that are positioned to sell are receiving multiple offers within days, sometimes hours, of listing.  So why would you hire a real estate agent to sell your home if the market is so hot?

First of all, a professional Realtor® is licensed to sell real estate in the State of Colorado.  Real estate agents are mandated by the Colorado Real Estate Commission to take continuing education courses to keep their licenses in good standing, and active agents are extremely familiar with best practices, real estate contracts, real estate disclosures, title insurance, and all the other paperwork that goes along with selling real estate.  Ask yourself this question: If you were going to court to defend yourself against a $250,000 lawsuit would you hire a professional or do it yourself?

Your Realtor® should also help you prepare your home and position it to sell.  What does that mean?  Well, on average an active real estate agent probably previews a minimum of 5-10 homes per week in the Fort Collins market.  Your agent is likely to know what type of homes are in your neighborhood, the features and benefits of each of them, and the comparable sales in the last six months.  This gives you an advantage when determining what upgrades to make to your home, what items need to be repaired, and at what price you should list your home.  So go ahead and ask yourself this question: How many homes have you previewed this week in your neighborhood?

And let’s not forget about the concept of exposure.  How much exposure will your home receive if you sell it yourself?  A sign in the yard and an ad on Craigslist, right?  Maybe the occasional Facebook post about your home for sale.  When you list with a full-service brokerage like Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage your house will receive tremendous exposure right away.  Why?  Because the savvy agent who is going to list your home will pitch the listing to other agents in the brokerage and to real estate agents at other brokerages.  So ask yourself this question:  How many real estate agents do you know?  And that’s just the beginning.  Not only is your home networked with other agents in Northern Colorado, but it is entered in the Multiple Listing Service, syndicated with all the major online retail sites like Trulia and Zillow, advertised with postcard mailings to your neighbors, placed in Colorado Homes and Lifestyles® magazine (over 32,000 paid subscribers), exposed on YouTube with a professionally-edited 30-second video, and the list goes on.  How’s that for exposure?

Now you might be asking yourself how you can afford to pay your Realtor® a commission, right?  Remember, the real estate agent selling your house is paid for performance.  That’s right.  The broker helps you position your home to sell, markets and advertises your home, schedules showings and home inspections, handles all of the real estate paperwork, and doesn’t get paid unless your real estate transaction closes and your house sells.  Now it’s time to ask yourself another question:  Are you ok spending thousands of dollars of your own money to advertise and market your home, even if it doesn’t sell?

In my biased opinion, hiring a professional Realtor® will save you thousand of dollars.  Yes, I am a firm believer that you can do anything you put your mind to.  I believe I can build a home all by myself.  I can apply for permits to build, take my shovel and start excavating the ground, buy my bags of concrete and start pouring the foundation, grab my hammer and start nailing the plywood…but hey, I’d rather just hire a professional builder to do it the right way and just pay them for the finished product.  Wouldn’t you?

For more information about the real estate market in Northern Colorado, feel free to give me a call or send me an email.  I’m here to help you.