Our favorite photos so far of the Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest 2013 Festival!


Pianos Around Old Town Fort Collins

piano dimensions








Ever catch yourself walking around Old Town and stopping to admire one of these lovely, artistic pianos?



Well, it’s a collaborative project among Bohemian Foundation, the Downtown Development Authority and the City of Fort Collins. The idea is intended to be a fun experience that creates an additional element of whimsy and surprise to Old Town Fort Collins.

The concept behind Pianos is two-fold: (1) for residents and visitors to experience seeing art in action as the pianos are painted in public by local artists, and (2) for residents to have the opportunity to both play the pianos and enjoy them as works of art as we rotate the finished pianos about town.

The inspiration for Pianos About Town in Fort Collins came from British artist Luke Jerram who created a 60-piano installation that has toured the world since 2008. The Jerram pianos have been on display as works of art for people to play in several major cities including New York City, London, Sydney and Sao Paulo. Bohemian Foundation approached the Downtown Development Authority to seek their thoughts about creating a similar project here, placing painted pianos in downtown Fort Collins. From these discussions, the Art in Action component of the project was added with the idea of local artists painting the pianos in public.

The project evolved into a collaboration among Bohemian Foundation, the Downtown Development Authority’s Art in Action Program and the City of Fort Collins’ Art in Public Places Program. The first pianos were placed in Fort Collins’ Old Town Square for the 2010 holiday season and were an instant hit with the public. The program now is in operation throughout the spring, summer and fall months. We are proud that Pianos About Town brings spontaneous art and music discoveries that contribute to the cultural vibrancy of Fort Collins.

For more information on the Bohemian Foundation, click HERE

For more information on the Downtown Development Authority, click HERE

For more information on the City of Fort Collins, click HERE

Anberlin Interview

“Chocolate donuts, hands down.” replies Anberlin’s drummer, Nathan Young. If someone was to throw something while on stage, Nathan would prefer it to be just that, a chocolate donut. I can’t say I would blame him, either.

Besides donuts, Nathan and I brushed on a few other topics this afternoon on a phone interview I conducted with him, here is the rest…


NoCo Lifestyle: Vital, the latest album you guys released has a different feel to it. Some might say “youthful” or “energetic”, was there a reason to head in a different direction?

Nathan: I think it’s important as an artist to not be “one dimensional” and give the listeners the same sound with different lyrics. If you can combine new lyrics AND a different sound, without losing your musical passion as a group, then well, that’s the diversity we’re after.

NoCo Lifestyle: You guys have been together for 11 years, and created quite a few albums (6 to date), can you say that you’ve had a favorite one that you all have made?

Nathan: I think if I said a certain album it wouldn’t be fair, because all of our albums are so unique individually. Also, when we create an album, we focus so much on pouring everything we have into every song. So, to answer your question, we can honestly say that our latest albums are the ones we are most proud of. That doesn’t have to be the answer for every artist; but it feels good to be able to answer your question that way.

NoCo Lifestyle: There isn’t a shortage of countries you guys have played in, do you have a favorite?

Nathan: Australia. We’ve been there quite a few times; have a great fan base and following there. We’ve always have a lot of fun playing there. We’ll be going back this fall again; we’re excited.

NoCo Lifestyle: Your schedule says Colorado Springs tomorrow night (Wednesday) and Fort Collins on Thursday. Have you guys played in Colorado before? Ever play at Red Rocks?

Nathan: We have been to Colorado before, played in Denver a few times and have loved it. Never played at Red Rocks, though. Maybe someday…

NoCo Lifestyle: Never played at Red Rocks, really?! I thought you guys were like, popular…

Nathan: We are popular, really popular. We just haven’t played at Red Rocks yet… (for the record, this wasn’t an exact quote)

NoCo Lifestyle: Besides pouding on a drum canvas, what else do you like to do? (Personally)

Nathan: I’m into photography…(interrupted abruptly)

NoCo Lifestyle: Oh yeah?! What type of photography?

Nathan: I like a few different types, but primarily like to shoot with a Pentax, and the more old school route, 35mm, black room and all…

NoCo Lifestyle: I like it! I have respect for people who shoot with that still in this day and age, when digital photography can be so easy to alter, delete, or edit images. Ok, sorry to interrupt, any other hobbies?

Nathan: I’m also into coffee, as in, roasting my own. Thoughts of possibly opening a shop someday wouldn’t be unrealistic. I also like to ride bikes.

NoCo Lifestyle: So you like photography, coffee, and bikes. I can only assume you ride a fixed gear bike. 🙂

Nathan: haha! I don’t, but I appreciate fixed gear bikes. I think you are more “in-tune and apart” of the bike when you are dappling on one around the city. I used to do a bit of Alley Cat racing back in the day. That was fun!

NoCo Lifesyle: Dude, you’re going to love Fort Collins…

IMG_0504 - Version 2

I then proceeded to tell Nathan a little about how much bikes are apart of our community, and that Fort Collins was recently named “Platinum Bicycle Friendly Community” by the league of American Bicyclists. I also told him about our Bicycle Library and he, like almost everyone I tell that too, thought that was very unique and cool.

I was conducting this interview from inside one of my favorite coffee shops in Old Town Fort Collins, the Bean Cycle Coffee Shop. Before Nathan and I ended our conversation I told him he should get in touch with me if he gets into town early enough before the show. If he likes bikes and coffee, then he would definitely love a brew from the Bean Cycle. It is also just a short walk down from where Anberlin is playing on Thursday night, The Aggie Theater. Show starts at 8pm as Anberlin will be joined by Stars in Stereo and Campfire Ok. Check back here for photos from the event, as NoCo Lifestyle will have photo credentials.

Thanks for the time, Nathan. Maybe see you before the show on Thursday!






Photos from Colorado Brewers’ Festival 2013

IMG_7401 dimensions

Fort Collins kicked off summer yesterday with the start of the annual Colorado Brewers’ Festival near Old Town.  Here are some of our favorites photos from the event!

SHEL Interview / Taste of Fort Collins

Last night, home-grown musical group, SHEL, kicked off the pre-Taste of Fort Collins party with a fantastic show at Hodi’s Half Note. Even if one hadn’t seen these talented sisters perform before, you could tell they were enthusiastic to be back performing in front of their home crowd in Fort Collins, Colorado.


SHEL (which forms the names of it’s members: Sarah, Hannah, Eva, Liza) just recently got back from a European Tour. It was everyone’s first time in Europe, so it was definitely an eye-opening experience as well as a stepping-stone for the band. Their favorite location they played at? Belfast, Northern Ireland. Apparently, SHEL has a fairly large base following them in that area. There were even some fans who drove hundreds of miles to see them perform.

Lead singer, Eva, told me it was pretty incredible to hear fans were traveling great distances to see them in areas where they have never played even close to before. But in the end, no matter where you are playing at, if you are putting out good sounds, people will be coming to watch. That appears to be the case and what the future looks like for SHEL.


Growing up in a home-schooled environment, father a songwriter and mother an artist, it appeared SHEL was destined for musical and artistic success all along. And really, that’s the direction they are heading in. With record label signings, tours, album releases, etc. this is what SHEL has set out to do, share their musical talents with not just their faithful supporters of Fort Collins, CO; but the rest of the world!

This evening, Taste of Fort Collins kicks off at 6:30 and will run through Sunday night. SHEL is excited to be performing at 2:30 on Sunday, right before nationally renowned group and evening headliner, AWOLNATION. (For more information on Taste of Fort Collins, click here. 

Just after I got off the phone with Eva, I thought of a question I had lined up to ask her (story of my life). I had to ask about their top hats; which are worn at every show they do; and they even have a tab on their website for ’em: Top Hats

According to Eva/SHEL, “The top hats represent a crown for those willing to pioneer their imagination. You know, the crazy youthful dreamers watching the stars from above instead of on their feet from below.” replied Eva. And there is even a book in the process. Yes, a book, about the top hats…:)

Here are a few more photos from their show last night:



For more SHEL information, visit their website HERE

For more Taste of Fort Collins information, visit their website HERE


Photo Contest for 1,000 Facebook Likes!

Oh my, it seems like just yesterday when we created our Facebook page. And now, 1 million 1 thousand likes later we are one step closer to taking over the world! Ok, maybe not the world, but we are closer to accomplishing our goal: Connecting people in Northern Colorado to recreation, events, real estate and more!

As a celebratory milestone to our thousandth like, we will be having a photo contest!


Here are the details: 

  • No more than 2 photos submitted per person
  • Photo must be submitted to photocontest@nocolifestyle.com or posted on our Facebook wall
  • No entires will be accepted after June 1st (through midnight)
  • Photo must be from somewhere in the state of Colorado
  • Contestant must live in the Northern Colorado area


  • NoCo Lifestyle will choose the top 5 photos of all entries received
  • Top three photos will receive prize money in the following order: 1st – $200 Visa gift card; 2nd and 3rd – $50 Visa gift card.
  • The photo with the most “likes” will win (second and third, respectively, as well).

So, help us celebrate our 1,000th like by sending us your best photo(s) from somewhere in this incredible state! Happy shooting, we can’t wait to see the entires! 🙂

Odell Brewery

“Hey look, there’s people on top of the mashbarrels…We want up!” – Was the consesus as myself and NoCo Lifestyle founder, Richard, as we walked into the brewery at 4pm on a Monday afternoon. They are having way too much fun for a Monday, we thought. After chatting with a few employees, we soon found out that Odell’s has fun Tuesday through Sunday, as well.

Odell Brewing Company is no foreign place to residents of Fort Collins, Colorado; the brewery has been open since 1989. With renovations in 1994 and 2009, roughly 65 workers are employeed at the 45,000 square foot company. It doesn’t stop in Colorado…Odell brews to 9 states West of the Mississippi and Great Britian.


Besides tasting the great array of brews, there is always fun to be had at the brewery…

Playing Corn Hole


or maybe a game of Uno with friends


It was a great day at the Brewery, and NoCo Lifestyle looks forward to going back a few more times this summer (Ok, definitely more than a few). I think the next step will be taking an official tour of the operation!

Here are a few more photos we snapped during our Odell visit:


Craft Brewers Week by Ryan Levander

From March 18-24th the Colorado Brewer's Guild (CBG) helps put on "Colorado Craft Beer Week". Colorado Craft Beer Week is geared towards bringing new consumers on the scene and celebrating the rich history of Colorado's brewery culture. 

Fort Collins has a very diverse mixture of breweries in town. From nationally known Budweiser and New Belgium to local favorite Microbreweries such as Equinox or Coopersmith's. 

If you are looking to go out on the town this week, you won't have to look hard, with over 100 events going on all-around the state, and a large portion in Fort Collins specifically, it promises to be a fantastic week! 

Fort Collins specifically is said to be focusing on food and beer pairings this week. That being said there will be MANY restaurants taking part in the festivities, not just the breweries and bars. 

Keep an eye out here for more posts and pictures this week! For more up-to-the-minute information "like" our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter. 

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Get on out and get a taste of what Fort Collins has to offer!