Bike to Work Day with Dream Team Pedicabs

Dream Team Pedicabs 

While thousands of Fort Collins residents rode to work today for the 26th annual bike-to-work day, the owners of Dream Team Pedicabs bike to work all year long.  That’s because Dream Team Pedicabs serves the Old Town campus by offering pedicab rides every weekend and anytime by appointment.  Local owners Nick Whitworth and Abe Rodarmel  just celebrated two years in business as they gear up for their third summer riding in Old Town Fort Collins.  Here’s what Nick Whitworth had to say:

NoCo Lifestyle:  How long have you been in business?
Nick:  This past Colorado Brewers Festival marked our two-year anniversary.  This will be our third summer in business.
NoCo Lifestyle:  How often does your team work?
Nick:  Our crew works every weekend and year round by appointment.
NoCo Lifestyle:  So who typically books a reservation for a pedicab?
Nick:  Tons of people.  We offer brewery tours, rides for weddings, and private events.  And date nights are really popular as well.
NoCo Lifestyle:  What do you typically charge for a ride?
Nick:  It depends on the event.  If you see us around Old Town on the weekend we usually offer free rides, but tips are encouraged for our drivers.
NoCo Lifestyle:  Can you tell us about one of your favorite pedicab passengers?
Nick:  Definitely.  One time I picked up a guy and his buddy in Old Town and one of them was carrying a saxophone.  They just wanted to cruise, so we rode up and down College Avenue and lapped Old Town Square a few times.  The guy just played his saxophone for about half an hour as we cruised around town, and people were cheering him on as we passed by.  It was killer.
NoCo Lifestyle:  And what about one of your worst passengers?
Nick:  One time I’m riding up College Avenue and this guy runs from the sidewalk into the street to try to jump in the carriage.  He hit his shin on the pedicab and cut it open and started to bleed all over the carriage and footrest.  I drove him up a couple blocks and let him off.
NoCo Lifestyle:  We guess running in the street and trying to jump on isn’t the way to go.  So what’s the best way to reserve a pedicab?
Nick:  Just give us a call at (970) 797-2515.

So the next time you’re walking around Old Town Square and need a pick-me-up, be on the look-out for Dream Team Pedicabs.  And if you really want to add some adventure to your next night out on the town, make sure to book your reservation today by calling (970) 797-2515!